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ATTC-Tree-Care (Broshure)

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Additional Technical Terms of Contract and Guidelines for Tree Care

Edition 2017, DIN A 5, broschure, 88 pages

Content overview / reading sample
ATTC-Tree-Care Preface


ATTC-Tree-Care (Download)
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Kombipaket (PDF-Download und Broschüre)
ATTC-Tree-Care (combined box)
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Broschüre (gedruckt)
ATTC-Tree-Care (Broshure)
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Background and content

For many years, the „Additional Technical Terms of Contract and Guidelines for Tree Care“ (ZTV-Baumpflege) have been the standard work for arboriculture in Germany.  They complement the German „General Technical Terms of Contract” (ATV). The ZTV-Baumpflege is a technical code that defines terms and require -ments for tree care services and materials. It contains important contractual provisions and serves as an aid for preparing the specifications for tenders as well as for the inspection and invoicing of completed work. The present edition replaces the edition 2006 and reflects the current state of scientific advances and practical experience. Therefore, it may be regarded as the „Generally Recognized Rule of Technology“ in terms of the German Contracting Rules for the Award of Construction Performance Contracts (VOB).


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