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TL-Nursery Plants (combined box)

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Technical Conditions of Delivery for Nursery Plants (Quality Standards) , 2020

DIN A 5, Brochure +  PDF-file, 80 pages

Content overview / reading sample
content overview, TL-Nursery Plants - Technical Conditions of Delivery for Nursery Plants (Quality Standards) 2020


TL-Nursery Plants (Downloadversion)
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Kombipaket (PDF-Download und Broschüre)
TL-Nursery Plants (combined box)
58,50 €
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TL-Nursery Plants (Broschüre)
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TL-Nursery Plants (Downloadversion)   +0,00 €

Preis wie konfiguriert: 58,50 €

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Background and content

The „TL-Nursery Plants - Technical Conditions of Delivery for Nursery Plants (Quality Standards)“ provide a definition of good quality of plants from cultivated stocks for the contracting parties.
In case of construction contracts based on the General Conditions of Contract for the Implementations of Construction Work, it shall become an essential part of the contract, by being referred to in the section 2.2 ATV DIN 18320 of the contract. In addition, the quality requirements in section 4.1 of DIN 18916 are compulsory for plants from nurseries. Thus, TL-Nursery Plants are part of a contractual fall-back level, individual contractual regulations take precedence.
The present edition replaces the 2004 edition. It corresponds to the current state of scientific knowledge and practical experience, enabling it to be regarded as ‚recognised rules of technical practice‘ within the meaning of the German Construction Contract Procedures (VOB). It applies with effect from the delivery date 01 July 2021.


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