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Recommendations for Planning, Construction, Servicing and Operation of Outdoor Swimming Pools with Biological Water Purification + Program 2011 (Downloadversion)

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Recommendations for Planning, Construction, Servicing and Operation of Outdoor Swimming Pools with Biological Water Purification (Swimming and Bathing Ponds) , 2011

Downloadlink for program: pc-version,  for Apple-computers

For activation code, please contact our office by e-mail: info@fll.de

169,00 €
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Background and content

The FLL "Recommendations for planning , construction, maintenance and operation of public swimming and bathing pool facilities were" extensively revised content and editorial and developed to the new guidelines. main focus of the revision are changes in the definitions ( consistent classification of "public swimming ponds " in the swimming area ), new requirements for the various treatment processes , a new calculation method for dimensioning of water treatment (nominal number of visitors ) , and coordination with existing standards and other regulations of the " bathing area " .
Important part of the new guidelines is a formula for calculating the nominal number of visitors or for dimensioning the waterconditioning .The user has the option to acquire the rules with or without calculation program.


Scope, Purpose / Normative References / Definitions / requirements for water quality ( General / Chemical Biological Hygienic - microbiological parameters parameter / parameters / Physical parameters / ) Planning Basics , ( General / Building , excavation / inspection and sampling points / dimensions / pelvic floor / wall formation waterfront / pool edge / A , exits and bridges , diving boards , sealing , hydraulic / pool flow ) / infrastructure / water treatment ( use area - In Situ / preparation area - Ex situ : Hydro botanical plants , Technical wetlands substrate filter unplanted , design specifications for functional testing dimensioning the treatment of the pool water , determine the nominal number of visitors ) / plants, planting work / decrease and warranty claims / maintenance (inspection : general, control of water quality and quantity / maintenance / Repair / water exchange ) , operation and control ( requirements of the duty to maintain safety / operational oversight / supervision of the pool operation / measures in abnormal findings in water quality / documentation / information of the bathers ) / More literatur / sources / Notes : Derivation of calculation


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